# Wallpaper Engine Troubleshooting Guide & FAQ

If you are having a technical problem or just a question about Wallpaper Engine, you will likely find an answer here. 95% of questions and problems we get asked are the same so it is likely that you will find your answer here.

It's best if you use the search bar in the upper right corner or simply look on the list of all articles on the left - we have tried to categorize them sensibly. We have also listed the most frequently accessed help articles below, check if your problem is in there.


Use the search bar in the upper right corner with single keywords. For example, if your wallpapers are just showing as black backgrounds, try simply searching for "black".

# Android FAQ

If you are looking for help with the Android app, be sure to check out our summary of the most frequent Android-related questions and our guide on pairing your computer with your Android device:

Check this list first and see if any of the problems describe your issue, otherwise use the search in the upper right corner or check the list on the left for more articles:

Top Articles
1. Steam Download Issues
2. Black Screen / Videos not Playing
3. Video colors wrong / too bright or too dark / zoomed-in / pixelated / border around video
4. Wallpaper Engine crashing
5. Exporting wallpapers as GIF / video files