# Videos Black / Not Playing Properly

Black screens and other issues with wallpapers of the type Video are always caused by either faulty graphics card drivers or faulty video codecs. Try the following steps in the exact order. If you follow this guide from top to bottom, the problem will be solved:

Please note

This topic is about the Wallpaper Engine wallpapers being black or not playing properly. If your Wallpaper Engine interface is black you need to go here: Wallpaper Engine User Interface is Black.

# Clean graphics card driver re-installation

For the majority of users, a clean re-installation of the graphics card drivers will fix most type of issues related to video wallpapers. This includes black screens and users whose wallpapers are shown in a separate window (titled "ActiveMovie Window").

  1. Download the latest graphics card drivers for your graphics card (or all of them if you have two, for example Nvidia and Intel):
  1. Uninstall your current graphics card drivers completely and delete all existing settings if asked. Nvidia drivers have a checkbox which says "Perform clean re-installation" which also works.

You can also use Display Driver Uninstaller ("DDU") if you are unsure on how to do that.

  1. Install the drivers you have just downloaded in step 1.
  2. Restart your PC again, see if it works now.


It's very important that you do a clean re-installation - this means your current graphics card drivers and driver settings have to be completely deleted before you install the new drivers, otherwise it will not work.

# Codec Tweak Tool

If it does not work after doing a clean re-installation of your graphics card drivers, try resetting your video codecs:

  • Download the Codec Tweak Tool: Click here
  • Make sure that all checkboxes in the "Media Foundation" menu are not checked, then apply the settings:

Uncheck all options in the Media Foundation options

  • Restart the PC and try the affected wallpapers again.

# Additional video codecs

If affected video wallpapers still do not work after the previous steps, download LAV and use DirectShow as described in this guide: