# Pairing Mobile Device with Windows

You can pair your mobile devices with your computer to wirelessly transfer your wallpaper collection to the Wallpaper Engine companion app on your mobile device.

It's not possible for the Android app to directly download wallpapers from the Workshop due to technical and legal limitations that prevent the Android app from directly connecting to the Workshop.


If pairing does not work for you, see the Backup Solution section at the bottom of this page to learn how to create mobile wallpaper packages (.mpkg) and how to import them on your mobile device.

# 1. Install the free Wallpaper Engine Android Companion App

Before continuing, make sure to install the latest version of the Wallpaper Engine Android companion app.

We recommend installing the app through the official app store release but you can also directly download the latest app directly from our homepage. For download links and more information, please view our Android download page:

For security reasons, we advise against installing the app from any sources not listed on our website.

# 2. Preparing Wallpaper Engine on Windows

In the Windows app, click on the Mobile button in the upper right corner of the user interface. The mobile device overview will open up. At the bottom device overview, click on the Connect new Device button. Wallpaper Engine will show you a 4-digit PIN that you can use to pair one mobile device in the next step.

# 3. Connecting Your Mobile Device

In the Wallpaper Engine mobile companion app, click on Add in the lower right corner, followed by clicking on Pair with Computer. The Wallpaper Engine app will search your local network for running instances of Wallpaper Engine for Windows. Your Windows computer should appear after a few seconds, allowing you to connect to it by clicking on it. If you are connecting for the first time, you will be asked to enter the 4-digit PIN (see Windows section above).

Once you have entered your PIN, the status bar in the mobile app turns green and shows which computer its connected to. On the Windows app, the Mobile button is also colored green now to indicate that a mobile connection is active.

By default, Wallpaper Engine will now always automatically connect to your computer if you start Wallpaper Engine on your mobile device and your computer at the same time.

# 4. Transferring Wallpapers to Your Mobile Device

Once the connection has been established, the Mobile button in the upper right corner turns green.

You can now simply click on the Send to Mobile Device button on the right-hand side or right-click on any compatible wallpaper and select Send to Mobile Device, followed by selecting your device from the list.

# Scene Wallpapers

Dynamic and interactive wallpapers that are of the Scene type will first be optimized for use on mobile phones and to ensure compatibility with mobile hardware. This process may take a short while. You will also be asked which quality option you would like to use, especially for high-resolution wallpapers, we recommend trying the Balanced option if you notice performance issues on your mobile device.


You can also transfer multiple wallpapers at the same time by clicking on multiple wallpapers while holding the CTRL key on your keyboard.

# Mobile Pairing Problem Solving

If you cannot pair your mobile device to your computer, please read our mobile pairing troubleshooting guide:

The guide also explains how to use the built-in export function and manually import your wallpapers into the app via USB or another method of your choice.