# Pairing Mobile Device with Windows

You can pair your mobile devices with your computer to wirelessly transfer your wallpaper collection to the Wallpaper Engine companion app on your mobile device. It's not possible for the Android app to directly download wallpapers from the Steam Workshop because only Steam itself can download the wallpaper files.

Should you run into any problems with pairing your mobile devices, you can still import wallpapers by manually exporting the .mpkg that the Wallpaper Engine mobile app uses to render wallpapers.

# Preparing Wallpaper Engine on Windows

In the Windows app, click on the Mobile button in the upper right corner of the user interface. The mobile device overview will open up. At the bottom device overview, click on the Connect new Device button. Wallpaper Engine will show you a 4-digit PIN that you can use to pair one mobile device.

Mobile PIN

# Connecting Your Mobile Device

In the Wallpaper Engine mobile companion app, click on Add in the lower right corner, followed by clicking on Pair with Computer. The Wallpaper Engine app will search your local network for running instances of Wallpaper Engine for Windows. Your Windows computer should appear after a few seconds, allowing you to connect to it by clicking on it. If you are connecting for the first time, you will be asked to enter the 4-digit PIN (see Windows section above). The PIN is an additional security measure to ensure unauthorized users cannot connect to your computer without your knowledge.

Once you have entered your PIN, the status bar in the mobile app turns green and shows which computer its connected to. On the Windows app, the Mobile button is also colored green now to indicate that a mobile connection is active.

Mobile PIN

# Mobile Pairing Problem Solving

If you cannot pair your mobile device to your computer, a firewall or local network setting is very likely at fault. Check the following possible problem sources:

  • Ensure that your phone and computer are connected to the same local network.
  • Ensure no firewall is blocking Wallpaper Engine from communicating with your local network.
  • Ensure your network router is not blocking your devices from communicating with each other.
  • Disable any sort of VPN or proxy software on your computer and your mobile device which can interfere with the communication between your devices.
  • Double-check that Wallpaper Engine on Windows and your mobile device are both up-to-date and running.

# Backup solution: Manually importing a Wallpaper File (.mpkg)

Should you be able unable to fix the connection between your computer and your mobile device, you can still manually transfer your wallpapers onto your mobile device. First, select the wallpapers you want to export in Wallpaper Engine, then right-click on them and select Send to Mobile Device, followed by clicking on Export .mpkg.

Once Wallpaper Engine has created the .mpkg files for your wallpapers, you can either transfer them to your mobile device by moving the files onto your mobile device via USB or by copying the files onto an SD card. Alternatively you can also use any file sharing service on your mobile device or send them to yourself via a messaging service or even via email (if the file size is not a problem).

Once the files are on your mobile device, open up Wallpaper Engine on your mobile device and use the Import File functionality to directly import the .mpkg files into the app by selecting them from the directory that you have placed them in.