# Video wallpapers look wrong

Wallpaper Engine uses hardware acceleration for videos for optimal performance unlike most video players. This means that your graphics card drivers may influence the way videos look.

If your video wallpapers have wrong colors, are too bright or too dark, appear zoomed-in, pixelated or if there is a border around the wallpaper, you can fix this problem by resetting the video options in your graphics control panel for your Nvidia, AMD or Intel graphics card. If you have a computer with multiple GPUs (for example, the main card from Nvidia and the secondary GPU from Intel), make sure to reset it for all of them.

You can also reinstall the graphics card drivers and choose to reset all settings ("clean re-installation") to do this, this is possible with Nvidia's drivers, for example. That means you need to first uninstall your drivers and then re-install the latest drivers after your current drivers have been fully uninstalled. Some drivers offer a "Perform clean re-installation" option in the advanced section, be sure to enable that option to automatically clean any remnants of broken drivers. You can get the latest graphics card drivers from all big vendors here:

If you are uncertain what to do: Download the latest drivers for your graphics card, then use DDU to uninstall your graphics card drivers and delete all settings:

Afterwards, install the drivers you have just downloaded. This will definitely fix the problem if done right.


If the colors are still wrong even after re-installing your graphics card drivers, you may have more than one GPU or you did not perform a "clean" re-installation. Make sure you first uninstall all your current graphics card drivers and clear up all driver settings.