# Steamworks is unavailable

Wallpaper Engine and Steam are unable to communicate for some reason. Restart Steam, then Wallpaper Engine. Make sure it is logged into the account you own Wallpaper Engine on. If you run either Steam or Wallpaper Engine as administrator, the Steamworks SDK in Wallpaper Engine may not work. The solution is to not run either program as admin, which is the intended way. If it still does not work, reinstall Steam and get rid of any antivirus that blocks communication between different programs.

Please make sure your Steam installation is up-to-date. This problem frequently occurs when Steam is extremely outdated. You can verify your Steam version by opening Steam and clicking on Help at the top, afterwards select About Steam. You will be presented with a version number and a version date, make sure this date is not older than two months, otherwise you are missing the latest Steam updates.

If you are unable to update Steam, an antivirus app is likely blocking it. In that case, configure any antivirus app to ignore your entire Steam directory and try again. In some cases, it is necessary to uninstall Steam and to manually delete the Steam directory to clear any antivirus locks on important Steam files.

# Steamworks Repair Checklist

Try the following steps:

  • Make sure your Steam installation is up-to-date.
  • Restart Steam, then Wallpaper Engine.
  • Make sure you are logged into the Steam account that owns Wallpaper Engine.
  • Do not run Steam or Wallpaper Engine as administrator.
  • Exclude the Steam directory from your antivirus or completely disable any third-party antivirus application
  • Close "Steam idling" programs.
  • Delete cracked Steam games that override Steam's presence on the PC.
  • Uninstall Wallpaper Engine and Steam. Delete the entire Steam folder. Reinstall Steam and Wallpaper Engine.