# "DirectX 10 not supported" crash

Ensure your graphics card actually supports DirectX 10 by doing a web-search on the exact name of your card. If you have an old card, installing DirectX 10 will not fix this problem if your graphics card does not support DirectX 10 on hardware level.

If your card does support it and you get this error, then try reinstalling the latest driver (or an older, more stable driver). Remove intrusive security software from the PC that could prevent Wallpaper Engine from accessing your graphics card.

# Duet Display and other display extension software

Display extension software like Duet Display installs a fake graphics card which is not capable of the same features as a real graphics card. This can also be the cause for Wallpaper Engine to show this error as Wallpaper Engine requires a real graphics card with DirectX 10 support. Display extension software like DuetDisplay is not compatible with Wallpaper Engine and must be turned off.