# Windows 7: Aero cannot be enabled

Aero is a feature of Windows and a minimum system requirement to use Wallpaper Engine - if it is disabled, it is impossible to use a dynamic wallpaper. If it cannot be enabled automatically, there is an issue with your system or it does not fulfill the minimum hardware requirements to enable Aero on Windows 7.

Windows Aero is responsible for the transparent effect on the task bar or the top row of windows. If your task bar is not transparent (and has a light blue color), Aero is disabled. You can enable Aero in the Windows 7 theme settings. Your Windows 7 should look like this after enabling an Aero theme (notice the transparent task bar and start menu):

Windows 7 with Aero

If your hardware supports Windows Aero but you cannot enable it, it usually means your graphics card drivers are broken. Download the latest graphics card drivers for Windows 7 and try again.


We recommend using Windows 10 because this problem only exists Windows 7. Windows 7 is not receiving any more updates and most hardware manufacturers have abandoned support for it. This can lead to issues with hardware drivers which cause Aero to be broken.