# Preview images / search results not showing

If you cannot see preview images for wallpapers except for installed ones, there is a firewall or security software that blocks the browser from accessing the internet. You must disable that or add an exception for 'ui32.exe'.

The preview images are direct image downloads from the Steam servers. If the preview images are not loading, something is blocking the connection between Wallpaper Engine and the Steam servers. Some users had these blocks in their network router, you can test if this is an issue in your router or on your computer by testing if the preview images start showing up when your computer is connected to a wi-fi hotspot from your smartphone.

Some users of accelerator software also have issues with image previews being loaded. Make sure any type of network acceleration software is not blocking Wallpaper Engine from downloading image files in the background.

# No wallpapers or only very few wallpapers showing

You likely have too strict filters enabled. Try resetting all filters by clicking on the "Reset filters" button in the filter sidebar.