# Workshop Agreement Addendum

With the release of Wallpaper Engine 2.0, Wallpaper Engine allows users to transfer their Workshop wallpapers to their Android mobile device. Mobile devices cannot directly access any Workshop content, users have to transfer their wallpapers from their Windows version of Wallpaper Engine to Android.

If you have created wallpapers for Wallpaper Engine in the past, you need to accept the latest Wallpaper Engine Workshop addendum before users can transfer your wallpapers to their mobile devices. Wallpaper Engine will prevent users from transferring wallpapers to the mobile app without the consent of the wallpaper creator.

Since transferring Steam Workshop content to mobile devices has never been done before, the Steam Workshop Agreement does not cover this type of activity. We created an addendum to the Steam Workshop Agreement to ensure content creators are aware of the ability to transfer content to mobile devices. You can review and accept the addendum in either of the links below:

If you are trying to use a wallpaper from a content creator that has not yet agreed to the latest Workshop addendum, please ask the content creator to review the latest addendum. You will be able to transfer the wallpaper to your Android mobile device once the creator has accepted the latest agreement.