# Use the Wallpaper Engine scan tool to create a debug log

If you are having technical issues with Wallpaper Engine that you are unable to solve with the help of the FAQ, you can create a system log file which you can share with us when contacting us:

  1. Make sure Wallpaper Engine is running (if possible).

  2. Choose the 4th launch option in Steam ("Check for System Conflicts", see below for a short video):

  3. Click on Save Full Log and save it to your desktop (see below for a short video).

  4. Share the log file with our developers:

    • Talked to us on our forums or another social media website? Send the log file to logs@wallpaperengine.io.
      • IMPORTANT: If you use this email address, please share a link to your discussion and tell us your username.
    • Talked to us via email already? Simply reply to the email and attach the log file.
    • First time talking to us? Create a new ticket by sending an email to support@wallpaperengine.io.
  5. Optional: If you are experiencing crashes, please check your wallpaper_engine directory for any .mdmp files and also send them to us either via email (logs@wallpaperengine.io) or by uploading them somewhere. If you can find a lot of .mdmp files, please just send the newest ones.


Even if the scan tool does not report any issues at first glance, a deeper investigation of the log file often reveals common computer issues which help us to quickly provide advice to you how to fix your technical issues.

# Additional video help

Step 2

Scan Tool Launch Option

Step 3

Scan Tool Save Log