# Use the Wallpaper Engine scan tool to create a debug log

If you are having technical issues with Wallpaper Engine that you are unable to solve with the help of the FAQ, you can create a system log file which you can share with us when contacting us:

  1. Make sure Wallpaper Engine is running (if possible).
  2. Choose the 4th launch option in Steam ("Scan for conflicting applications", see below for a short video):
  3. Click on Save Full Log and save it to your desktop (see below for a short video).
  4. Share the log file with our developers by using either of these methods:
    • Go to pastebin.com and copy-paste the contents of the log file in there, afterwards share the link to your paste.
    • Alternatively, you can just attach the log file to an email and send it to us. If you have already an existing email discussion, please reply to the previous email with the attached log file. If this is your first email, please add some information about the problem you were having or a link to an existing discussion.
  5. Optional: If you are experiencing crashes, please check your wallpaper_engine directory for any .mdmp files and also send them to us either via email or by uploading them somewhere. If you can find a lot of .mdmp files, please just send the newest ones.


Even if the scan tool does not report any issues at first glance, a deeper investigation of the log file often reveals common computer issues which help us to quickly provide advice to you how to fix your technical issues.

# Additional video help

Step 2

Scan Tool Launch Option

Step 3

Scan Tool Save Log